Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services has a legendary legacy.

We have been standing tall in front of all critical assets of the United States of America since 1850. Protecting. Guarding. Serving.

We have built our reputation because accountability is in our blood.

Step Up. Join Our Elite Force Today

Step Up. Join Our Elite Force Today

SCIS is a dominant player in the industry; our five sectors offer multiple career opportunities allowing individuals from various industries to find their place and leverage their abilities to their full potential. If you are transitioning from military service or law enforcement, SCIS can offer you a rewarding career that utilizes your highly valued skills and experience. Explore all of our sectors. FOR MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS PLEASE SEARCH ALL JOBS.

Paragon Systems, a force of 7,000 Security Experts, has been protecting more than 1,500 Federal facilities throughout the United States of America since 1983.

Did You Know?

Working for SCIS and Paragon means working safely. Despite working in complex and sometimes hazardous environments, our employees have the lowest accident rates in the industry.
SCIS and Paragon offer our employees some of the most competitive wages and benefits in the security industry.
SCIS and Paragon employ over 13,000 employees in nearly all fifty states.
The roots of SCIS and Paragon date back to the 1850s with the "original private eye" Allan Pinkerton.

Veterans at SCIS

SCIS and Paragon are proud veteran employers with over 30% of our employees having served in a branch of the military.

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Paragon Earns Cogswell Award

Paragon Systems was awarded the coveted James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award for 2017. This award represents the elite standard our employees are held to.

SCIS achieved the same honor in 2014. At that time, SCIS was the only security contractor to ever earn the Cogswell Award.