SCIS has a defined mission in the highly-regulated Energy sector: provide both armed and unarmed security officers and augmentation services personnel along with the necessary administrative, managerial, operational and logistical support to the energy industry across the U.S. This includes protecting energy facilities against sabotage of equipment and theft, as well as controlling site access, determining the extent of the threatening situations, assessing the extent of such threats, summoning reinforcements and exerting force to prevent or delay malicious acts.

Nuclear Area

Our SCIS Nuclear Area is committed to working together with our clients to fulfill the Nuclear Promise while maintaining the highest levels of security and safety. SCIS Nuclear serves both operating and decommissioned facilities across the United States.

Petrochemical Area

With more than 2,600 specially trained Security Officers and industry experts, the Petrochemical Area provides clients the personnel and technological resources required to accomplish security’s evolving missions at petrochemical and oil and gas facilities across the Gulf Coast region. 

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