Veterans at SCIS

At SCIS and Paragon, we mean it when we say we hire veterans. Starting from the top down, you can find veterans from our CEO to our newest security officer class. Your experience and training while in the service translate seamless into the job duties of the majority of SCIS and Paragon positions. The ability to assess situations, think quickly on your feet, and respond to emergencies, make you an ideal candidate for SCIS and Paragon.

Veteran Highlight

"In May of 2010, my post Army plan fell through. At the time the economy was terrible. I applied for countless jobs, Securitas was the first to call me back. SCIS gave me an opportunity to work as a security officer. With the leadership skills from the military and some SCIS seasoning, I was able to move through the ranks from Security Officer to National Account Manager. When I first started I told myself I will do this until I find something better, the rest is history. SCIS took care of this Veteran and put me in a position be successful. Now I am a SCIS Lifer and feel blessed that it was SCIS that gave me the first call."  

- Russell Tassin

  National Account Manager, Petrochemical Sector


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